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Common Name:MRP9
HGNC Symbol:ABCC12
HGNC Description:ATP-binding cassette, sub-family C (CFTR/MRP), member 12
HGNC ID:14640
Chromosome:Chr.16(-): 48116884-48180681 GRCh37
OMIM Phenotype:None
Nucleotide RefSeq:NM_033226
Protein RefSeq:NP_150229
Evidence:Tissue Distribution Evidence: 1. Testis, breast - northern blot, Bera T et al, PNAS, 2002: 6997-7002
Tissues:testis, breast
PharmGKB ID:PA24394
HPRD ID:06128
Trivial Names:MRP9
Transcripts:NM_033226.2 [Chr.16(-): 48116884-48180681 GRCh37]
ENST00000311303 [Chr.16(-): 48116884-48180681 GRCh37]
ENST00000416054 [Chr.16(-): 48117607-48180341 GRCh37]
ENST00000448542 [Chr.16(-): 48117607-48180341 GRCh37]
ENST00000497206 [Chr.16(-): 48117607-48180341 GRCh37]
ENST00000526251 [Chr.16(-): 48121077-48125149 GRCh37]
ENST00000527640 [Chr.16(-): 48175222-48189904 GRCh37]
ENST00000528693 [Chr.16(-): 48155151-48189904 GRCh37]
ENST00000529084 [Chr.16(-): 48117258-48189929 GRCh37]
ENST00000529504 [Chr.16(-): 48117607-48180341 GRCh37]
ENST00000532355 [Chr.16(-): 48117966-48120551 GRCh37]
ENST00000532494 [Chr.16(-): 48117607-48180341 GRCh37]
ENST00000533185 [Chr.16(-): 48145359-48149344 GRCh37]
ENST00000533639 [Chr.16(-): 48167680-48189904 GRCh37]
ENST00000534418 [Chr.16(-): 48117258-48180561 GRCh37]
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Expression values:
No expression data exists for ABCC12.

Variant Data

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ABCC12 Resequencing  
1000 Genomes  
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Study Name:ABCC12 Resequencing
PMT impact: P - Public  D - Discovered  E - Exclusive  (dbSNP build 142)
Array availability: I - found on Illumina Human1M-Duo BeadChip (2011-04-21)  A - found on Affymetrix Genome-Wide SNP Array 6.0 (2011-06-21)  
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FeaturePMT IDdbSNP/ PubMedArray AvailabilityGenomic PositionTranscript PositionCoding PositionNucleotide ChangeStrandAmino Acid PositionAmino Acid ChangeStatisticsSample Set
no variants

Transmembrane prediction:

Non-synonymous amino acid changes shown in red, indels (insertions and deletions) in blue, and synonymous changes in green. Exon(s) indicated by black outlines.