UCSF Pharmacogenetics of Membrane Transporters
GTEx Expression Data

PMT GTEx Expression Plotting

The Genotype-Tissue Expression (GTEx) program aims to study human gene expression and regulation in multiple tissues. The GTEx data include gene and transcript expression values by tissue sample in the form of raw read counts and reads per kilobase transcript per million reads (RPKM). Further information and data are available from the GTEx portal.

We have collected GTEx expression data from the 2014-01-17 release related to PMT genes and transcripts. The heat map below summarizes relative expression of PMT genes by tissue type at two levels of tissue detail, e.g., 'Brain' and 'Brain - Amygdala'. Choose among four calculated expression values, including mean and median RPKM values, and quantile normalized (QN) distributions of these values. (Note that differences between some distributions are subtle.) The coloring is relative to the mean of all displayed values. All values are log base 2. Click on a gene or tissue to sort the data by expression level.

Expression values:

The data represents a total of 4436 samples from 212 donors of varying age and gender (male and female). The total number of samples for each major tissue type varies greatly.

The distribution of donor age varies by tissue type and gender (male and female).